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i am not surprised and am really glad Cuba is standing by Russia. The map you have provided is proof of what has been happening in Europe, surrounding Russia with NATO missiles. The problem is the US and NATO and EU don't like their game to be disclosed to the public, which Russia is doing now. All they can think of is Europeans are suffering, European refugees etc. Unbelievably racist comments about Europeans being attacked lie they were Syrians or Iraqis. I cant believe people's short sightedness regarding the history of the region, including from so called Marxists. People do see Russia as the problem and i am wondering where do they learn their history?

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The Cuban government does support Russia's right to defend itself, but the strategy...?

Notably, the Cuban government was silent about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s armed incursion into Ukraine’s separatist regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, which he recognized as independent, self-proclaimed republics. The rebel-controlled areas are not mentioned in Cuba’s statement.

“The Cuban position is that Russia’s concerns about NATO expansion are justified, but the Foreign Ministry conspicuously does not endorse Russia’s military action, instead emphasizing Cuba’s support for a diplomatic solution to the crisis,” said American University professor William LeoGrande, an expert on Cuban affairs. “Cuba does not recognize the two breakaway states or even mention them.”

“Cuba has always argued that Great Powers have no right to use force against small powers in order to maintain a sphere of influence — not surprisingly since they endured hostile relations with the United States for more than 60 years,” LeoGrande said. “The Cuban position tried to balance that principle with the realpolitik importance of its relationship both with Russia and the EU.”

The statement avoids criticism of NATO members and blames the U.S. for “imposing the progressive expansion of NATO towards the borders of the Russian Federation,” which the Cuban government sees as a “threat to the national security of this country and regional and international peace.”

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What if...NYT published these maps...what if...

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