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May 8, 2021Liked by Charles McKelvey

You hit the nail on the head as usual Charles. Identity politics and "anti-racism" is merely a tool of legitimation that perpetuates fundamental inequalities based on centuries of exploitation and violence, which can only be addressed by comprehensive social-economic solutions that the Western neo-liberal elites want to avoid at all costs.

I recently ran across this great video by Abby Martin - the CIA is now using the discourse of "wokeness" in its recruiting videos. The example would fit well into your article - exactly what you are talking about. So ridiculous that it almost seems like a paradoy. But sadly the irony is lost in the idiocracy that America has become.


Another example of this grotesque farce: all the hoopla about Michelle Obama "speaking out" on the George Floyd verdict -- as if a privileged member of the wealthy elite would ever be in danger of violence at the hands of the repressive power structures that are designed to protect her and the US economic elites' interests.

Keep up the great work Tovarisch!

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