Charles, usually find your aritcles insightful with spot-on analyses, but your focus here seems a bit myopic in more than one way. First, as to JFK Jr's notions of the origin of the pandemic, he hardly leaves the US with clean hands and, in fact, implicates the US in the research and funding of the Wuhan lab. Second, it would seem that the larger context for judging RFK is (1) his candidacy for President in the 2024 electiion, (2) his 40+ year history as environmental law attorney and advocate for peace, albeit not the kind of visionary that would come from Cuba or other countries whose philosophy and vision clearly and explicity run counter to that of the hegemon, in its dying state in late capitalism. RFK's books confirm this in detail. Here is his wiki entry which outlines his history as a successful lawyer defeating interests such as Exxon and monsanto and defending the interests of Native Americans and other oppressed minorities. <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_F._Kennedy_Jr.> One has only to hear him speak to hear his brilliance, determination and vision. While he may not be a socialist, he is an indisputable peace candidate, in the good company of his uncle, father, MLK and Malcolm X. Nope, not a socialist, but of the three candidates, Trump Biden (or Newsom or whomever they have step in for him at the last minute) or RFK, Jr, who would you vote for? In that context, the tone and spin of your article looks petty, myopic and, more importantly, seems to miss the point of what is at stake in the next US election. With all due respect, Charles, my two cents. Mary Rushfield (attendee at UH seminars with Cliff's groups for several years).

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