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Feb 27, 2022Liked by Charles McKelvey

This is a great piece. As I was discussing with a student who is curious about the development, the West or should I say we in the US re not taught to look at historical events as history but ass eruptions with likeable and unlikeable people at the helm. This goes back to 1989, the fall of the Berlin Wall, Minsk agreement and the unspoken agreement about not moving NATO eastwards. With the first move and some East European countries brought into the NATO fold, Russia said nothing. in 1999 when it happened again, Russians took it. And then it was announced that Georgia and Ukraine were next. This is when Russians took control of Crimea (part of Georgia) and now when NATO wants to point their guns at Russians from just a few miles away and the Russians are putting their foot down the world think Russians are being aggressive. Putin and Lavrov already said they were not going to tolerate NATO and EU getting any closer but clearly Europeans and I believe the US did not belief them. Putin called their bluff and by showing they were trying to get Ukraine into EU and NATO while denying it.

Also, the media is so unbelievably racist...this kind of destruction happening in Europe is unacceptable ...this is what happens in Afghanisthan and Syria!

Putin has already said they will destroy Ukraine entirely if the US and its allies get any closer. I think what this is really about is showing respect for Russians and Putin. They wont be walked over.

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