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As a post-script to my post yesterday, I report on a news posting of March 29 on the website of Russia Today en español. Serguei Shoigu, Russian Minister of Defense, declared that the Russian military operation in Ukraine has completed its first stage, in that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have suffered essential damage, and their capacity has been considerably reduced.. Therefore, the Russian forces are able concentrate attention on the liberation of Donbass from neo-Nazi nationalist militias.

The report stands in contrast to the narrative in The New York Times, according to which the Russian troops are concentrating in Donbass because of the effective resistance of Ukrainian forces. Some independent military and intelligence specialists in the West are confirming the Russian claim that they did not make an effort to occupy Ukraine; their objective has been to effectively eliminate the military infrastructure of Ukraine. These specialists who are critical of the prevailing Western narrative base their views on reports of Russian military movements and activities in Ukraine.

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