Gret summary of Wallerstein'a WS - as in the first chapter of your Cuba book - which I assign to my IR theories course here in Moscow.

One question, though, Charles:

You write "The core-peripheral relation creates and reproduces two different realities: the core with its culture of consumerism, materialism, and individualism; and the periphery, where the basic democratic rights of access to adequate nutrition, housing, education, and health care are denied on a large scale, giving rise to a popular culture of social struggle and solidarity."

But it seems to me, at least from my observations, that this same materialist consumer culture now also pervades the periphery these days, reducing its revolutionary consciousness and potential. I saw evidence of this even in Cuba. This is perhaps where we need to turn to Gramsci and Frankfurt school theorizing to supplement WS. Capitalism also creates a seductive ideology and culture that manages to get the consent of many of those it exploits most ruthlessly.

How to avoid the pernicious effects of this materialist-consumer culture without stifling peoples' freedom and creativity?

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just want you to know, I am enjoying reading your postings. Will comment soon, as school and grading is done.

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