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Jan 22, 2022Liked by Charles McKelvey

so glad to read this commentary. Yes, it ended well for the farmers in India and the sacrifices they made to get to that goal are highly commendable. They did not get divided, although the government sent its goons to divide them by religion and caste. Farmers knew better and did not divide. There are some other laws they want to get repealed and I will keep you informed once those turn into movements.

India feels like a cursed land under the present government. Every country has a story to tell the world, ours was our ability to live together among so many diverse communities, religions and ethnicities. It was never perfect but it was not a nightmare it has become now, not only for Muslims but also Christians and low caste Hindus. The government is also so eager to privatize which is never a good idea for poor people who depend on government subsidies. We have state elections coming up in 2022, hope other parties win some of the states away from the Modi government.

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