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Great commentary as always Charles!

I have been a bit busy lately with the beginning of our semester, so I am just catching up with your articles now.

I wish I shared your optimism about China. I believe you are right path the US is picking the fight and not the Chinese. But I am a bit wary of Xi and his centralization of power. I was much more optimistic about China when there was more pluralism in the party. Xi seems to be undoing the formal and informal institutions of collective leadership that were the keys to China's success. To legitimate his power-play -- which puts him on par with greats like Mao and Deng - I fear he will stoke Chinese chauvinism and nationalism. We are already seeing this with the rise of China's Wolf Warrior diplomacy and more aggressive policies regionally and globally. Of course, these can be interpreted as a response to aggressive US efforts to contain China and start a new Cold War. But China now seems to be falling into this trap (set by the US) and abandoning Deng's policies of "hiding strength and biding time" tha served it so well. It also seems to be positioning itself as just another Great Power, ready to dominate and exploit, whereas before it seemed to be advocating for an end to Great Power politics and the transition to a more democratic and inclusive world order (in the tradition of NAM).

Anyhow, just my 2 Kopek's worth. I hope I am wrong.

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